About Us:

Our team members constantly spend time on how to improve the quality of our food. We pride ourselves in the uniqueness of our dishes by putting a modern twist to classical dishes.

Simplicity and health consciousness are the concept in our cooking style without any artificialness, as for example, food colouring used by most restaurants and takeaways can be harmful to people’s health. We do not use any food colouring (except the chicken Tikka Masala, which we do little colour at the request of our customers).

We have maintained the quality of chicken and meat used in our dishes by maintaining the same high quality supply chain since we opened in 2004. Everything on our menu is made from wholesome and fresh ingredients in our premises. Every year, we introduce some new dishes to the menu, we improve some dishes from customer feedback given to us.

ALLSPICE is a family run business and we treat our customers as part of our ALLSPICE family. We have very close links with all our customers and try to reproduce their favourite meal combinations. We do not advertise through online food order and delivery services. These companies act as an intermediary between the customer and the food outlets. However, these companies are not aware of the personal needs of the customers nor do they know the takeaways well. They simply earn money by recommending a takeaway nearby to the searching customer. We cut out the intermediary and invest this money on improving the service and quality of our food.


Why is your food not so colourful as other takeaways?
We are proud to tell you that we do not add artificial flavours or colourings to our food.

Should I order from you if I have a nut allergy?
We are careful about preparation and handling of our foods and try to avoid cross contamination. It is best to tell of any food intolerances and allergies at the time of placing the order.

Why is your food not piping hot when it’s delivered?
We do not warm up our food in high voltage industrial microwaves, rather we cook using a slow gas heat to maintain a healthy cooking habit. Also, please keep in mind that sometimes it takes up to 20 minutes to deliver your food which makes the temperature drop.

Why can’t I choose outside the options given in the set meals?
We have carefully chosen a variety of dishes and flavours for a tasty and value for money meal plan.

Why is your food different than other Indian takeaways in Bristol?
Every takeaway has its own distinct taste, flavour and style of cooking it will vary from one takeaway to another.

Why is my food late?
We do our very best to maintain the time we state for delivery when you order. However, there may be times when our delivery man is held up in traffic or we have suddenly become very busy therefore not able to keep to the time stated. Also, some dishes take more time than others to prepare.

Why do you charge 50 pence for card transactions?
We pass on this charge for the following:
Bank Charges
Card Machine Rental charges
Authorisation charges
PCI compliance charges
Debit/credit card charges

Why is my food so dry?
Every dish has its individual flavour, colour, taste and the ingredients that go in it to give its distinct flavour. So, it is best to ask any questions you have when placing the order.

Why does my food have a bark in it?
We use a variety of whole and dry spices in our dishes such as bay leaves, cinnamon bark, allspice berries, cumin etc. So, this may be the reason for the cinnamon bark.

Can I return my food if I am not satisfied?
Unfortunately, due to health and safety regulations, once you open the food and eat part of it, we cannot take this back. If you have any queries with your order, then please phone us as soon as you realize that there is something wrong.

What should I do if my food is missing an item?
Please check while the delivery driver is with you or phone as soon as you realize that an item is missing.

What should I do if I am given the wrong items in my order?
Please check while the delivery driver is with you or phone as soon as you realize that you were given the wrong items.

Why is my food so hot and spicy?
Our foods are graded according to its spiciness (very hot, hot, medium, mild), so please ask at the time of placing the order.

Why is my food oily?
Every dish has its individual flavour, colour, taste and the ingredients that go into it too. So, it is best to ask any questions you have when placing the order.

What’s in my food?
Please ask any questions you have about any of our dishes at the time of placing the order, so we can give you full information and you can make an informed choice.

Why do you charge for delivery for certain areas?
We have a catchment area where we delivery for free, however, if this is outside then we charge a very small amount for the extra distance.

Why does your food take so long to deliver?
We are not a fast food outlet, we do not use frozen food that is simply heated up, rather we cook from fresh, so it takes time to prepare and cook.

Terms and Condition:

ALLSPICE shall not be responsible for any injuries resulting from consuming any nut, dairy, gluten related products. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform our staff of any special dietary requirements. We will do our best to cater to this need.

We aim to provide you with your food as close as possible to your request collection and delivery times. However, during busy periods, we may not be able to maintain the time stated. Customers can cancel their order if we are not able to deliver within the time stated and an additional 30 minutes have already passed.

ALLSPICE will not give refund on foods which has been opened and consumed due to health and safety reasons.